Video advertising is hard.
We make it easy.

Your goal is to reach your target audience with your message, regardless of what screen they’re on.  Cross Screen Media uses a common currency for TV and digital and takes your audience’s viewing habits into account, so you can buy more for less.  Welcome to the future of ad planning.

Local Markets

Television planning and buying happens at the market level, so digital should too.  Cross Screen Media analyzes cost and screen preference for your audience within each market for both TV and digital.

Grow With Video

Digital video is growing rapidly.  Cross Screen Media standardizes the definition of an ad view across television and digital video, pricing in viewability, so you can make apples to apples comparisons.

Target Customers, Not Demographics

Who do you want to reach? Be more specific. All plans are based on your actual audience – not cookies or look alikes. Use our data – with 1,500+ data points – or onboard your own.